Golden Clutch

Now that we’re officially in November, I’m feeling like it’s acceptable for lots of winter posts so today we’ve founded some of the best in winter accessories… the gold clutch!

I love gold for weddings, especially in the winter. The color is regal and vibrant plus it goes with just about any palette! So for your winter wedding I’m thinking that the gold clutch is an absolute must!! Whether it’s a treat for yourself and you want to splurge (I know we all do it on wedding shoes so why not the wedding clutch as well) or if you’re looking to accessorize your maids with one signature piece (ie the gold clutch) then we’ve found loads of options for you! Some on the very expensive front, and others on the very budget-friendly front, but all perfect for a wedding day gift to yourself as the bride, or a gift for your bridesmaids!

For the bride, a few of the more expensive (but seriously fabulous options). From the mini, edgy limited edition Bottega Veneta (tenth photo), to the gorgeous Christian Louboutin classy gold (eighth photo) and finally the Miu Miu metallic gold leather from Net-a-Porter at $510 (last photo) these clutches are incredible accessories for the bride, especially if you are willing to splurge…

But because I know we can’t all spend hundreds on our bridesmaids gifts (or ourselves) we’ve managed to find some equally fab clutches on a way more reasonable budget! From Etsy seller Lost in Time, I love this incredible ivory gold brocade purse at only $65 (first photo) and another Etsy find from seller Salvage Life with a vintage 1950s glitter gold purse (twelfth photo). Like to shop at department stores? We found this gorgeous Tasha box clutch with metallic gold mesh from Nordstrom’s (ninth photo), and finally for our most budget-friendly gold clutch… stylish gold beading by Karen Marie at $44 (seventh photo).

Gold clutch anyone?


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