Ooh La La – French Country Wedding Style

We’re ending the week in style today with our very own French country wedding ideas. Headed straight to the heart of the French countryside, it’s all about Provence which means a lot of light blues and greens, beautiful reception venues (I am mildly obsessed with Le Mas des Comtes de Provence – last photo below), and little towns like St Remy (see below) which is basically perfection.

As far as destinations go, the Provence region of France basks in beauty, history, and seduces anyone who visits it, so understandably it provides one of the most scenic backdrops for a wedding. If you are even considering a destination wedding, you must consider this incredible region; I swear, you will not be disappointed! And if you are only looking for some inspiration for your own wedding at home, then you have come to the right place, because unfortunately, we’re not really going to France today, but we are hoping to inspire with ideas and photos! So although you may not be able to pick a town exactly like little St Remy steeped in traditional architecture and style, there are plenty of French inspired venues around, I promise – if you look hard enough you can find one! I love the light blues and greens for everything from your table setting to your shoes to evoke the French feel, and obviously don’t forget about the macaroons! With a little imagination and creativity you can make a French inspired reception at home (or you can just keep Provence in mind for a real destination wedding…)


Credits: My own photo of St. Remy, France, Style Me PrettyDaily Mail, Pinterest, My own photo of St. Remy, France, Style Me PrettyPinterest, Style Me Pretty, My own photo of St. Remy, My Sweet and Saucy, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed

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