I am interested in advertising on the One to Wed blog.  How should I contact you?

We’re just getting started and are so happy that you are interested in advertising! Please contact us at advertise@onetowed.com for our options and packages.


I am a vendor and would like to be featured on One to Wed as a sponsored post.  Is this possible?

Yes! If you are interested in a being featured as a sponsored post on One to Wed and think your company fits our brand please contact us at advertise@onetowed.com. We’ll let you know our current offerings for featured posts and our rates.


I have a question about one of the photos I saw on the One to Wed blog.  What is the best way to get in contact with One to Wed?

If you saw a specific photo on one of our posts, you can always leave a comment and we’ll reply back to you as soon as possible.  Or, you can always contact us directly at contact@onetowed.com.


I just saw something I loved on the blog.  How can I find out where it’s from?

If you saw a photo you loved on the blog, we make every effort to credit all pictures accurately to their owners at the end of every post, but you can always leave a comment on that post (we’ll respond back to you) or contact us directly at contact@onetowed.com.


Do you have a “real wedding section” on the One to Wed Blog?

We don’t have a “real wedding” section on the blog. We aim to inspire brides-to-be with new and fresh information and photos by combining different ideas from some real weddings that catch our eye but always combing them with other pictures that we love.  This way, our content is always original and providing brides with new ideas for their own big day!