The Wedding Palette – Elegant Yellow and Grey

When I think of yellow and grey I think Anthropologie, Brooklyn, chevron, hipster and vintage… so where does the wedding palette come in? Well, not sure why exactly, but I definitely am not thinking of classic elegance when the yellow and grey wedding palette pops into my mind… it seems that most of the yellow and grey weddings I see have a beautiful vintage vibe which is why today, I’m trying to think exactly the opposite of everything that “typically” comes to mind. And so we’re going for an elegant yellow and grey wedding palette!

I actually love this combination, but what I don’t love is seeing things like too much chevron (why is it that this pattern is ALWAYS either yellow or grey)? Before I go on… I know, I did make a slight exception with my first photo because this bridesmaids dress and bouquet is fabulous! Anyway, I also don’t like seeing things like yellow dresses and grey stockings (really… this is a wedding), and shoes that somehow combine these colors (very rarely does this work). I also randomly came across a yellow and grey garter… this is a big no no for me… ugh I’ll pass!

So what makes for a classy and elegant yellow and grey wedding palette?

The lighter the yellows the better here. Aside from the awesome bridesmaids dress that I already mentioned and couldn’t resist, I think the less of a mustard yellow the better in terms of making this an elegant palette choice. On the fashion front I’ve kept my other choices very light.. the preppy groomsmen in grey with a beautiful yellow accent boutonniere (second photo), the incredible yellow and white bridesmaids dress (third photo), handmade groomsmen ties from Apple & Ivy’s Etsy shop (love the mix of a bold pattern but light color shades – forth photo), or for the brave grooms, hide some yellow suspenders under that grey suit (fifth photo)! More suspender options in the last photo if you can’t get enough!

Moving onto the paper products… I love the table setting in our sixth photo… the place card is dainty and the “thank you” note is perfectly classic. Picking the right invitation design is key to keeping this palette elegant, so I love the invites in our seventh photo!

And from the paper to the decor, the bouquet (eighth photo) defines my ideas for this palette, incorporating the yellows and greys but keeping it very traditional with roses and other white colored flowers mixed in. Other decor ideas I love… the lovely table setting (eleventh photo), and wrapped boxes for your welcome table or as a centerpiece idea (twelfth photo). Finally, I couldn’t leave out the food… choose a traditional cake as dessert to balance the non-traditional yellow (thirteenth photo), and no wedding is complete without the macaroon (tenth photo)… yellow please, who wants to eat a grey macaroon anyway?


Credits: Style Me Pretty, Rowell Photo, The Perfect Palette, Style Me Pretty, EtsyRuffled Blog, Etsy, Martha Stewart Weddings, Pinterest, Etsy, Pierre Project, Erin Ever After, PinterestEtsy

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