Dress of the Week – Theia

Well as another Wednesday rolls around I was searching for something a little different for our dress of the week and I found this perfect option right under my own nose at Neiman Marcus (dress by Theia). Because who finds their wedding dress at just another go-to store! Well… that’s what makes this option special. If you’ve suddenly found yourself on an already stretched budget, one alternative to the absurdly priced, traditional wedding dress is a perfectly lovely non-traditional wedding dress. This one may have a slight metallic hint of color, which I’m not at all opposed to, but I assure you, if white is your thing, then you can find a non-traditional white one too and since your dream dress isn’t tagged to the word wedding… I guarantee, the price will be killer! And the dress gorgeous! Happy Wednesday!


Theia Metallic Lace Illusion Gown

Credits: Theia via Neiman Marcus

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