Dress of the Week – Carolina Herrera

It’s officially our first Wednesday dress pick! In the spirit of bridal inspiration, I wanted to make sure to share A LOT of my favorite part of every wedding – the dress!! That means we are devoting every Wednesday to a dress pick of the week!

A wedding dress is how every bride can express themselves on their wedding day; the style, fabric, silhouette and overall look can vary dramatically for every bride-to-be. The “dress” has become an industry itself in the fashion world with so many high fashion to vintage to more budget friendly lines, designers, and dresses to choose from.

I wanted to pay tribute to the dress and it only feels right to give it a full day every week! Hopefully these incredible picks will inspire a little creativity in every bride out there…

So the first featured dress? Well of course it’s long sleeved since we are still in February but it’s beginning to look a bit more “springy”… winter is almost over, but for now one more taste before welcoming March! I LOVE Carolina Herrera and this dress from her Spring 2012 collection is the perfect pick for a wedding this time of the year!!


Credits: Carolina Herrera – Spring 2012

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