Destination Ireland

Is it really the weekend? {Finally}!!! What a long week it has been! Just in time for the weekend though is some destination love straight from Ireland. It was the cool and cloudy weather in NYC yesterday that was my inspiration for an Irish wedding so here it is… lots of grey undertones of course but also some beautiful scenery. Cheers!

Ireland Wedding {KT Merry}Irish wedding {O'Dwyer Photography}

St Patricks - Dublin, Ireland

Irish Wedding Bridesmaids {Cooper Carras}

Irish Wedding

st. patrick's cathedralIreland Wedding {KT Merry}

Irish Wedding Ceremony

Irish Wedding Decor

Credits: KT Merry Photography, Glamour & Grace Blog, my own photo, The Neo Traditionalist, my own photo, my own photo, KT Merry Photography, Pinterest, Bridal Guide

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