Destination Florence

Florence, Italy (or Firenze in Italiano) is this magical, mystical gateway to Tuscany…and Tuscany is hands down one of the most scenic places in the world for a wedding. So why Florence and not Tuscany? Well, don’t get me wrong, Florence has a lot going for it too! For the bride-to-be who may not be looking for countryside, Florence is pretty magical itself. From the very famous Basilica di Santa Maria (more commonly just called the Duomo), to the unforgettable Ponte Vecchio – the widely photographed bridge, and of course the cyprus trees in the city and mostly in the distance, Florence can provide a cosmopolitan backdrop for a wedding with it’s numerous churches and cathedrals for the ceremony (everyone can’t have their wedding in the Duomo after all), a fabulous array of world class dining, and many enchanted wedding venues in and around the city. So while you may not be at a traditional Tuscan home in the Chianti Wine region, a city always has so much to offer, and Florence does it just right; a perfect mix of charm and metropolis.. it’s becoming clearer now why a Florence wedding may be just right for you…


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