To the Cathedral

With all of the new, jazzy places to get married these days… on the beach, at the golf course, in the outdoors, or just in a courthouse, it seems that we’ve been forgetting how incredible it can be to be married in a church. And what’s better than the church? The cathedral!

So if you had your heart set on a non-church ceremony I’m hoping to make the decision a bit harder for you after today! Though we all can’t get married at the most famous cathedrals in the world, there are plenty that you may not even know were there…like these. From Missouri, to New York, Illinois to DC and finally Ohio, these may not be the cathedrals that you’re used to hearing about but they are all perfectly beautiful backdrops for your wedding ceremony!


Credits: Style Me PrettyNakai PhotographyStyle Me Pretty, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Pinterest via Allori Photography, Detrich Pix

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