Christmas Countdown: The Christmas Bouquet

On the forth day of Christmas, a little inspiration in the form of the beautiful bouquet. If you aren’t sold on the Christmas colors or even decor, but want a little something seasonal on your big day… the bouquet is an elegant but muted way of making that Christmas statement. I love striking reds in a Christmas bouquet so obviously red is the overwhelming color scheme here but, that doesn’t mean you need only red. Combining your rich red color with other winter choices… greens, blues, even browns (first photo) can make for a unique and untypical Christmas bouquet. Or if you prefer the very Christmasy… add a few pine cones, cranberries, and holly to spice up the spirit (second, third, seventh photos) or finally, for a spin on the traditional, go with a deeper red floral palette… the maroons (forth and sixth photos). This way, you steer clear of those traditional reds but keep it wintry…. the perfect inspiration for our forth day of Christmas


Credits: The Full Bouquet Blog, Pinterest, Abby Jiu PhotographyBlogspot, Style Me PrettyStyle Me Pretty, Frosted Petticoat Blog

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