Christmas Countdown: Rehearsal Dinner Style

With Christmas Eve upon us, I thought it was only fitting for our own Christmas (wedding) countdown to do a “day before the big event” post… which leads us straight to rehearsal dinner ideas, in our case, obviously for Christmas weddings!

If you’re wedding is during the holiday season, your rehearsal dinner will be too, and there is nothing better for the wedding eve than celebrating in true Christmas fashion. Think of it like Christmas day and create it by adding lots of your own Christmas decor and touches if you’re hosting the rehearsal dinner at home or choose a restaurant where you know that Christmas will be all around you. I’m focusing on a home-hosted rehearsal dinner because decorating for the holidays is so fun and this is a way to really personalize the night before with your closest friends and family. Cater all of the food but keep calm before hand with DIY projects and decorating to make your rehearsal dinner an intimate and Christmasy affair….


Credits: Beechtree Photography, Wedding AcesLog Home, Stone Gable Blog, Abby Jiu Photography, Pinterest via Tiny White Daisies

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