Christmas Countdown: DIY Christmas Favors

On the seventh day of Christmas, aside from some swans-a-swimming there were some fun, easy, and personalized ways to spice up your Christmas wedding favors…DIY style Christmas cookies!

You don’t have to be a master chef for this (trust me, I’m far from it)…although being a half decent baker or semi-crafty in general doesn’t hurt! But even if you are none of the above, you can pull this one off!

So one of my very favorite ideas for any wedding is to DIY on the favor front! This goes for any season but I just can’t help myself especially for Christmas weddings to feel the need to put a personal touch on a special day. You may not think you’ll have the time…but find it because this is a de-stressing activity perfect to take your mind off all the other wedding crazies! I’d recommend obviously not choosing more than one type of cookie here…I realize you won’t have that much time…so pick your favorite to either serve your guests for an after dinner but before dessert surprise or for your favors! You can package these yourself using cute plastic bags, throwing a tables worth in adorably red and sparkly take out boxes (see below) or just keep them on a plate for each table to grab on the way out! The possibilities are endless!

I made all of these cookies (and more!) in one weekend with a little bit of help from my family.. but they are all from scratch and came out beautifully which is why for the seventh day of Christmas I wanted you all to have some faith in your own DIY Christmas cookie skills and indulge in these fun favors…if I could do it, so can you!!

For the inspired…our recipes came from all different places (see bottom of post for links!)


Chocolate & Peppermint Chip Cookies – Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
Sugar Cookies – Betty Crocker
Gingerbread Cookies – Passed down and down! Email us for a copy!
Shortbread Cookies – Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe
Pecan Shortbread – Pudge Factor
Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies – Bakers Royale
Chocolate Cherry Cordials – Dash Recipes

Credits: My own photos

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