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To the Plantation

We’re heading south today for some lovely ideas for your plantation wedding. If you’re from the south then you probably know how perfect an old plantation makes for a wedding venue, but if you’re not, then we’re showing you just how romantic of a reception a plantation can make.

There are so many beautiful venues to choose from when you venture south of the Mason-Dixon line but today, I’ve found a few of my own favorites! These are all real wedding venues that brides like me and you get married at everyday… and so our plantation crushes are the Nottoway Plantation (third photo), Oak Alley Plantation (eighth photo), and the Carnton Plantation (fifth and seventh photos) plus a few others mixed in between! Enjoy…


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Off the Beaten Path: Avant-Garde Hats

I absolutely love wedding hats and desperately wish this was a trend that more people across the pond picked up on once upon a time! Steeped in tradition, the wedding hat is customary for some cultures around the world, so why not go all artsy today with the avant-garde hat!

Avant-garde is always one of my favorite off the beaten path ideas because for the gutsy bride this can work so well! While you may not be able to control what your guests are wearing, a hat is a wonderfully fun way to accessorize yours or your bridesmaids dresses! So while avant-garde may be extreme, these hats are meant to inspire our brides-to-be to think outside of the box on the accessory front, finding new ways to invent the traditional wedding hat!



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To the Cathedral

With all of the new, jazzy places to get married these days… on the beach, at the golf course, in the outdoors, or just in a courthouse, it seems that we’ve been forgetting how incredible it can be to be married in a church. And what’s better than the church? The cathedral!

So if you had your heart set on a non-church ceremony I’m hoping to make the decision a bit harder for you after today! Though we all can’t get married at the most famous cathedrals in the world, there are plenty that you may not even know were there…like these. From Missouri, to New York, Illinois to DC and finally Ohio, these may not be the cathedrals that you’re used to hearing about but they are all perfectly beautiful backdrops for your wedding ceremony!


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Southern Wedding Charm

The south… wedding sigh. If you aren’t a southern belle yourself (don’t worry, neither am I), or even if you’ve never been to visit the charming southern United States (Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana) then you may not fully appreciate what comes with a southern wedding. But…I assure you that once you visit you will fall in love! From the beautiful old, and stately homes (and reception locations) like the Hay House (below) in Macon, Georgia, to the colors that evoke that southern feel (I’m thinking warm grey and peach tones for everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the table setting and the color palette in general), to that perfect southern reception complete with rich interiors, china place settings and elaborate decor, today we are going all out for some classic “southern charm” wedding ideas and inspiration! Surely to bring out the southern belle in all of us…


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The June Bride

The summer may not be here quite yet but my mind is already there on the wedding front, and since it’s the first day of June, we wanted to take the time to dream up the perfect June wedding celebration! But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets start at the beginning… how did June become so popular for weddings? Well, it’s not just the weather or the summer vacation mentality; as with most wedding traditions, June weddings go back much further than we would ever think while planning our own big day.. to the Roman times of course! In Roman mythology, Juno was the god ruling over marriage, childbirth and hearth and quite fittingly it is believed that this was one of the reasons for the popular June wedding!

But since we don’t live in ancient history anymore, there are plenty of reasons why June weddings are still popular today… there is too much to drool over in just one post, so today we’re trying to dream up one idea for a perfect June wedding…

So when I think late spring, early summer, I want to be outside whether it comes to weddings or just life! So an outdoor (I’m thinking garden-esque wedding) is perfect for June. Now I LOVE the idea of a garden wedding and how you can personalize it to make yours so different than anyone elses. The other thing that comes to mind when I think June is white!! We all know that white shouldn’t be worn until we reach a certain date every year but June is definitely within the acceptable range for white everything! So that means we are doing an all white garden wedding today… complete with bridesmaids dresses (I LOVE these ethereal, flowing white dresses), decor, and even the perfect bouquet! Put together the perfect pieces of white (fashion and decor ideas) in an outdoor garden setting, and I guarantee you can do no wrong for your June wedding!


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