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Burlap Chic

Burlap what? Yes, I know, I normally don’t think of chic style in the same sentence as burlap, but that’s the beauty of it! Here at One to Wed, we’re always trying to put unique but beautiful ideas into one theme even in places that you least expect… like burlap + chic

So the inspiration today is Shabby Chic. Now surely even if you aren’t totally obsessed with our burlap chic idea (yet), you’ve at least heard of this fabulous little store right? Okay, well if not you must check it out because this is exactly the wedding style we’re going for.  Shabby, chic, stylish and rustic all in one.. oh and we also added a lot of burlap today! So I actually love burlap for many wedding related reasons. Firstly, it’s super cheap and extremely DIY friendly for even the not-so DIY brides. Literally, you buy a piece of burlap, throw it over a table, add a pretty white candle and you’ve got your own burlap chic look (see table photo below). This is SO easy, and the finished product looks incredible! So for those of you that love the rustic feel, are adventurous to a degree in your DIY projects, but have a little flair for elegance and chic style, burlap is an alternative that not everyone else is thinking about. Also on the DIY front, I am OBSESSED with the burlap bows that a savvy bride threw around her wedding chairs (below). Don’t feel like splurging on the expensive rentals? That’s fine because you just dressed it up with some simple and cheap burlap. I basically love all of the ideas in the photos below; among my other favorites are the “just married” banners. Again this is such a simple DIY project by buying your burlap, cutting squares, circles, whatever shape you’d like, using white paint with letter stencils to etch in the writing and attach to a thin piece of rope (you can use a staple gun to attach), and you’re finished. You’ve now created several major wedding decor touches in no time and with a small budget. As with most wedding accessories, you can dress up or down all of your burlap ideas to your taste but I love making them as glamorous as possible just to prove that burlap really is the ultimate chic accessory!


Credits: Liane McCombsOne Wed, Pinterest via The Sweetest Occasion, The Sweetest OccasionEtsy, Ruffled Blog, Etsy

The Beautiful Fall Centerpiece

It may still be the dog days of summer, but on the wedding front, it’s well past time to start your fall wedding planning. Centerpieces come after a long line of other wedding duties… booking the reception and ceremony venues, the dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the tux, the music, the pictures, a videographer etc etc so by the time you’ve made it to your decor ideas for the reception, you may not have much time left. So start planning now!

We are only right at the start of August after all so you have plenty of time to think pumpkins, reds and oranges before the leaves turn and your wedding is here. But coming up with the ever important decor for your wedding shouldn’t be left to the very last minute when there is plenty to be done to prepare before your big day. Now I’m normally not into the cheesy season approach to wedding planning (pumpkins for fall and Easter eggs for the spring), but when chosen elegantly, you can add the best of fall without making your guests feel like they’ve gone pumpkin picking. So instead of just pumpkins galore, choose ways to spice these pieces up, like giving them a shimmer (first photo below), cutting out the pumpkins altogether but sticking with the strong fall colors (two options below), or keep the pumpkins but make them part of the centerpiece – not the whole thing. It’s all about finding the right balance; you don’t want your guests to think it’s the middle of the summer when, well, Halloween is tomorrow, but you also want to stay clear of a full cornucopia of pumpkins and mums. So the moral of the story, start planning now so that you have the right fall touches in your decor, but they are toned down to the perfect level of seasonal spirit.


Credits: Erin Ever After, Everyday Home Blog, Vignette Design, Wedding ChicksPinterest, Sunday Hatch

Blue Gingham Galore

There’s not much better than a bold pattern like gingham for a summer country wedding. Although it may evoke visions of picnic table cloths or Dorothy’s dress from the Wizard of Oz, don’t let that lead you astray! Gingham is cool and modern for a wedding in the summer (and in the country…please no city weddings ladies!)

While there may be many more “trendier” and maybe bolder patterns on the bridal market these days (think chevron), gingham will always give that classic feel and remains a perfect choice for an outdoor celebration. While I actually really like using the pattern on your tables (you can tone it down with the actual place settings and centerpieces you choose as well as dress it up by picking a high end fabric), there are plenty of other ways to incorporate a little pattern on your wedding day…. like what you may ask? Well the grooms wardrobe for starters; how about a checkered (gingham) tie or even bow tie for the more daring (see below photo). For the boldest of grooms, a full suit jacket also works (see below!) If you aren’t looking to dress your husband-to-be in assorted patterns and colors how about incorporating them into your invitations or just on a small accent table? As usual, there are always ways to incorporate the bits and pieces of colors and patterns that you love in your wedding day; it’s just about finding the right balance. And my number #1 rule with bold patterns; choose only one color… that will be enough! Blue is the gingham color of the day this time around…


Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings, Bride FindsPinterest, Martha Stewart WeddingsWedding Paper DivasStyle Me Pretty, Southern LivingBrides of North Texas

A Touch of Chandelier

The chandelier is perhaps the most well known and most overused home decoration BUT that doesn’t mean it should only be used as home decor because the chandelier is one of my favorite wedding accessories and one that absolutely no wedding should be without…

It makes no difference whether your reception location already has the most gorgeous chandelier or whether you install your fixture onto a hanging tree branch, but whatever method you choose, make sure that the chandelier (the right chandelier) is part of your big day! So what is the right chandelier? Well, I’m not thinking foyer decor, I’m thinking the right piece for your wedding.. so whether that’s a bold and elegant design that is the centerpiece of your reception, a series of small pieces dotting your outside decor, or (as I may have already mentioned) a chandelier hanging from the random tree branch, there are many options! Brides-to-be… chose wisely when adding the chandelier but keep in mind that they almost always work! If your wedding is inside and stately, choose a stately piece; if your wedding is funky and cool; choose something with an artsy vibe; if your wedding is ultra-modern pick a chandelier of the future! The point is that a chandelier should not be neglected in the wedding planning process and there is plenty of room at every reception for the perfect chandelier touch!


Credits: Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Daily Dose of StufEtsyZsa Zsa Bellagio, Style Me Pretty

Brick Wedding Accents

I love using different textures or patterns to make elements of your wedding stand out, and one of the best backdrops for anything (a photo shoot, a reception, a dessert bar, random wedding decor…) you name it, brick is perfect!

The colors of your brick accents can vary so make sure when choosing your venue, or a quiet brick wall for some artsy wedding photos, that you pick the right shade of brick.. trust me, you don’t want your fire engine red bridesmaids dresses clashing terribly with your deep red, purple brick backdrop! For a neutral look, the white washed and rustic brick (like those below) seem to work well with most colors! Choose a memorable wall for a wedding kiss, or a loft wedding venue with exposed brick that you can dress up as much as you’d like. Or if you only have one brick wall or limited space, make the most of it and add something special to your reception like this display of fun photos below! Believe it or not, there are endless ways to add character to your special day and accenting different wedding elements with brick is a perfect start!


Credits:  David and CharlotteElizabeth Anne Designs, Pinterest, Ian Stuart, Pinterest