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Best of the Wedding Bouquets

It’s a Friday treat today on One to Wed with some of my favorite bouquets. We’ve all seen many between the weddings we’ve been to, the wedding we’re planning, and a world wide web of wedding bouquets available at our finger tips. So with all this material, obviously I can’t help but wince at the thought, or even worse, the sight of a downright ugly bouquet.

So for this Friday, I tried to find a perfect assortment of the pretty, bold, sensitive, red, peach, vintage, rustic and winter bouquets that make me smile ahead of a perfect weekend of wedding planning!



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Trend Alert: Whiteout Fall Wedding Ideas

I know, I know… it’s another fall wedding post BUT I promise it’s worthy and it’s nearly the last. Before you know it, we’ll have moved onto winter (and spring!) and then you’ll be pining for the fall days all over again.

Today is all about the trends. I love trend alert posts because I can put a spin on the fun, fashionable, and in style wedding ideas, clothes, decor or anything else! And what I’m thinking on the fall front is white fall everything. Pumpkins, bouquets, candles, bridesmaids dresses and place cards.. at least that’s what I’ve found inspiration from (photos below) but the list goes on. White is the perfect fall trend because it’s unexpected and let’s face it, we all love the unexpected. We normally default to the basic fall colors (because it’s easy), so white for an October wedding? Not likely… What I love about this fabulous fall trend is that you can go with a full white color palette but still ooze fall spirit with white spray painted pumpkins, beautiful and full white bouquets, white (or very light) bridesmaids dresses, and other fun white accessories like centerpieces, “down the aisle” decor, place cards and favors… I could keep going until the winter trends start. The idea is that white is awesome and putting a spin on the traditional fall wedding ideas is even better… so be the first and go white for your fall wedding!


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The Ultimate Fall Wedding (Harvest Style)

I’ve spent the first days (posts) of fall ragging on “true fall colors” but today I’m hoping instead to draw a bit of inspiration from them. I’m calling this one the ultimate fall wedding because let’s be honest, when we think of fall; it’s all about the foliage, the colors, the mums and obviously the pumpkins. So this is my ode to the real fall wedding…

I actually love orange when used subtly in home decor (like my fabulous new orange patterned pillows) and fashion choices (pale washed orange jeans are cool for the spring..) but when it comes to weddings, I despise it. Coral, peach… fine; I’m talking straight orange juice orange and how, aside from few exceptions, it just does not work for weddings! But as I said, today is my ode to the true fall wedding which means lots of pumpkins, squash and gourds, orange(ish) bouquets, photo shoots in the colored leaves, you name it, today we’re doing it! So…how do you make your fall wedding sparkle? Well, first off, pick your theme (harvest style today) and stick with it. If you want true fall, then blend the orange bouquets with your baby pumpkins (please no jack-o-lanterns) and “create” your own centerpieces using the season (colored leaves, pumpkins, and deep orange, purple, and red flowers) which can make beautiful and ultra budget friendly centerpieces! Pick an outdoor venue to really enjoy the season and weather and take pictures to exemplify the fall (I love the last photo below of this lovely bride surrounded by pretty fall leaves)!

*Sigh* With all of this fall wedding inspiration, I swear, I’ve practically seduced myself into a true harvest themed wedding because when done well… it definitely can work!


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Fall Wedding Flowers

While we’ve been writing all about fall colors and centerpieces, off the beaten path ideas, and trends for the season, we haven’t even hit the official fall mark yet… until, well today! So although we’re practically on top of your fall wedding, there’s still plenty of fall wedding fun to share with our future fall brides and the wedding dreamers among us! So for the first official day of the fall season, we’re bringing to you some inspiration for your fall wedding flower choices. Between the bouquets, the centerpieces, and the general decor, flowers are scattered beautifully all over your wedding day and fall boasts some of the most beautiful choices and colors which is exactly why we’ve chosen the least traditional (and I personally think absolute prettiest) fall wedding flower combos! Seriously ladies, do you want to be walking down the aisle with a bright orange bouquet? Maybe, if you’re favorite holiday is Halloween or just happen to love orange. Honestly, as far as fall flowers go, red and yellow bore me too, and if you want to be the most unoriginal, then a combination of all three is your answer…!

Now alternatively, fall is the season for beautiful flower colors… deep purples and reds, peaches (yes, a very very light version of orange), mauve and cream; these are the colors for statement fall wedding flowers and really do blend the season with elegant color palette choices. So for our fall wedding lovers, as much as I love the traditional colors, what I love more, is toning down the pumpkin oranges to a lighter peach/cream and blending in other softer colors creating, yes, I’ll say it… the perfect fall wedding flowers!


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Off the Beaten Path: Fall Wedding Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, fall weddings and fall decor in general doesn’t always need to be only about the bold reds and oranges that we generally associate this season with. In fact, if you ask me, I wouldn’t choose these colors for my fall wedding! Spice things up a bit, make your guests be dazzled by your decor choices, and choose colors that are still fall in nature, but off the beaten path for color palette choices!

So for our off the beaten path ideas, I wanted to highlight an exciting and very unused fall color.. call it what you want but I like “mustard” or “straw”. Okay, maybe not your conventional color names, but mustard colors in the fall are fresh, fun and different! Now luckily since depending on where your wedding will be, the grass or leaves may already be a strawish color from the hot summer months, so pair the natural backdrop with light colored dresses for the maids (I love this light blue-grey pairing of the dresses with the outdoors)! Blend traditional fall ideas like yummy pies for desserts, with more unique ideas for favors like these pies in a mason jar (see below). Draw on the outdoors and incorporate your mustard color palette by using hay bales for seating for your ceremony or during your cocktail hour (last photo below) and for the bouquet, keeping with the same colors and offbeat theme, chose a thistle bouquet (I love the one below that this bride is holding).

This is only the start to off the beaten path fall wedding ideas, but with a little creativity there are plenty of ways to differentiate your big day from all the rest of the fall weddings this season and next!


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