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For the Mothers (of the bride or groom)

Ever hear the term bridezilla? Yes, I think we all have, but hopefully we haven’t had any close encounters with a bridezilla ourselves… especially if that bride is your daughter (or future daughter in law!) Brides-to-be… if you want to make sure every little thing for your big day screams perfection, that’s all well and good, but in the process, don’t forget that this is a special day for some other women in your life too… so today, we’re celebrating the mothers (of the bride and the groom).

I guarantee that your mom has been thinking/planning/dreaming about your wedding day since, well, practically birth (or at least your first day of school) so it feels only just for the bride to put aside all of her bridezilla tendencies and take time to incorporate the moms into the planning, preparation, and beautification… where to start? As I always advise… with the dress of course! Now like the bridal gown market, the mother of the bride market seems overwhelming and with so few “guidelines” (moms can really wear whatever they want!) it makes it even trickier to find the perfect designer let alone dress. So, to help start your search, we picked three amazing designers who have proved that mother of the bride gowns can be versatile, trendy, elegant and near perfection.

Since I couldn’t gush over every dress in the Siri, Watters and Montage by Mon Cheri collections, I picked just a few to highlight the mature cut, fit, fabric and color choices that show how perfect mom can and should look on your wedding day! So bridezillas, in the midst of your wedding planning madness, just take one (or two) trips with mom and mom-to-be to help find the perfect dress for her too!


Credits:  Siri St. Regis 9365, Siri Metropolitan 5750Siri Hepburn Peplum Suit, Watters Collection 20 – Style 7434Watters Collection 20 – Style 6493 Montage by Mon Cheri – Style 19901

India Inspired

Today it’s out with the white wedding dress and in with some wedding fashion inspired by the traditional Indian wedding. Now I am by no means an expert in Indian wedding fashion but I like to think I know when something is appealing to the eye for whatever the reason may be. For me, I am inspired by wedding fashions that aren’t just about the white wedding dress and veil. Culture, uniqueness, and colors make Indian wedding fashion so incredible…

So where to begin. Well diving into different wedding cultures that I’m not familiar with doesn’t seem fair, so instead, I’m sticking only to what appeals to the eye in terms of decoration, fashion, fabric, fit, and color. For starters, I love the decorative nature of traditional Indian fashion… this is all about the details (see below close-ups of the bride) and you can begin to appreciate and understand how the decoration helps to shape the overall look. Fashion.. better left to these pictures than my words, it’s clear that Indian inspired wedding fashion can be cutting edge glamour. The uniqueness, the customization, the way each piece fits the bride is what fashion is all about. Fabric, fit, and color.. these to me are about the overall look. The rich colors and fabrics tell a story, and the fit, so different than the traditional white dress make these saris so beautiful, romantic and inspirational.


Credits:  Pinterest, Nick Rose PhotographyWedding Twine, Pinterest, Style Me Pretty

Trend Alert: High-Low Hemline

Given that we are now officially in full Spring mode, it’s time for some major spring trends! First up on my list is the high-low hemline! The high-low hemline is a perfect way for every bride to spice things up at the wedding with a bit of a fashion mix-up… is it long? Is it short? Is it tea length? It’s none of these really… but it’s a bit of everything which is what makes it so fabulous.

Aside from being unique, this type of dress is a fun way to make a modern statement piece out of your bridal gown. It’s fun for the Spring, it’s modern, and best of all, it’s very fashion forward! With all of the resources on the web for today’s brides-to-be, it’s easy to just settle into the latest trend but it’s always more fun to beat everyone else to it! So be one of the first, daring brides to go with the the high-low hem… trends are not always popular forever (which is why they are trends), so dive into this one before it’s too late!


Credits:  Oscar de la Renta Style 33N99B, Oscar de la Renta 33N42, Oscar de la Renta Style 33E21, Oscar de la Renta Style 33N38B

Back to the Basics – For an Old Fashioned Wedding

We (you, me, everyone) seem to forget in our tech-friendly, app obsessed, 21st century life, how lovely and charming the old world approach to things (life, love, weddings, etc) was and can still be. Instead of boats we take planes, instead of paper we use computers, instead of meeting our husbands and wives “organically”, we meet online, and instead of traditional weddings, we are wrapped up in the next best thing… because we are all living in a very modern world.

Okay fine, I know I’m not out to convert all of the modernists back to our traditional roots, but I do want to prove that there is plenty of beauty in an “Old Fashioned” wedding filled with charm, glamour, and grace. If you’ve stopped reading please don’t! I promise that even the most modern of us all can find ways to incorporate the past into our weddings (even though today I’m proposing any entirely back to the basics, old fashioned wedding approach and lots of inspiration!)

So as always, I like to begin with the bridal gown! This Ian Stuart gown (below) is impeccable. The detailing of the skirt, the choice color (ivy, not white), and most especially the separate jacket with a corset that hugs the waist, make this dress the perfect choice for a very traditional wedding. But there are plenty of ideas that aren’t just about the fashion. Try making fun place cards for your guests using vintage keys like the ones below… For the reception, throw in vintage rented furniture to fill an empty reception hall (see below) like this 18th century inspired sofa canape upholstered with blue and silver silk lampas. For the bride, accent your modern hairstyle with a very vintage brooch (below) and a pair of vintage shoes – I am OBSESSED with these Vintage Di Scarla of Italy heels from Etsy! And finally for your color palette, pick accents like cream and mauve which can be used perfectly in all of the floral centerpieces and bouquets (I LOVE the bouquet below). These colors are so muted that you can add the loud touches like an intricate wedding dress and vintage furniture which nicely balances those creams, taupes, and mauves to create that “old fashioned” look we are going for…


Credits: Met Museum, Ian Stuart – BellevueStyle Me Pretty, All the Rest, The Wedding Chicks, Etsy, Etsy

The Tea Length Wedding Dress

What exactly is a tea length dress? Well, by modern standards, tea length is defined by the hemline, that is, falling somewhere in the area below the knee and the bottom of the calf. So how did this dress length, commonly worn by women in the late 19th-early 20th century become so wildly popular in wedding culture today?

Because it’s different! The standard white ball gown, mermaid silhouette, lace, satin or silk dress stands for tradition and these days brides are looking for a little something different. So to put a modern spin on the most defining part of our wedding culture, we have developed the tea length wedding dress.

Okay, so you would think at this point I am going to practically beg you to take the plunge and buy yourself a tea-length wedding dress? Think again…. I must admit, I am very much into the traditional white, full length gown regardless of the fabric but that doesn’t mean everyone is! So for all the more daring brides, here are a few of my favorite tea length wedding dresses! These are actually so incredible that even the traditionalist (me) would consider giving them a chance!


Credits:  Marchesa Bridal – Fall 2012, Marchesa Bridal – Fall 2012 Back, Oscar de la Renta – Style 22N46, Justin Alexander 8590, Aria – Style B278KC, Justin Alexander – Style 8465