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The Classic Wedding Tux

The classic tuxedo… well not quite today but close. To prevent boredom from the same tuxedo over and over, we’re spicing things up with a few different variations because they are all equally fun and fitting for a wedding depending on your groom of course!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the tuxedo market is far easier to navigate than the wedding dress market but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many options for the groom. From bow tie to buttons and even a black on black (not quite tuxedo but close enough…see below) there are plenty of options to fit the man of the hour. But there weren’t always options. So where did the classic tuxedo begin… it all comes back to British royalty as usual, but this time the trendsetter was King Edward the VII. Well before there was the tuxedo there was (and still is the tailcoat) and the normal (casual) suit for those outdoorsy type things that royals and others used to do back in the 19th century. So the fashion buffs of the 1860s decided to combine the tailcoat fabric with the casual jacket making the tuxedo jacket. And thanks to the trendsetting King who took to the style, the tuxedo fashion was born. Now of course it eventually made its way out of England and some 150 years later, though it may not be the traditional groom’s attire in all parts of the world, it certainly is in some. So today, here’s to the tux!


Credits: Where is the Cool, Tuxedo Junction, 100 Layer Cake, Pinterest, Decorgreat, Lindsay Rachael Events

Off the Beaten Path: The Frilly & Ornate

Here on One to Wed, we’re very pleased to announce a brand new “series”… we have plenty already (whether or not you’ve realized) from Wed(DRESS)Day, to destination and destination inspired, trend alerts, and “into the…(fill in the blank..)” but today we’re excited for the debut of our very own “Off the Beaten Path”!!

As the name says, instead of only highlighting the mainstream and sometimes boring, we find it very rewarding to spice things up with the not-so-traditional, maybe a bit artistic, and definitely very different wedding pieces! So to kick things off… we’re highlighting wedding gowns by two incredible designers, St Pucchi (we couldn’t help but already feature one gown as a Wed(DRESS)Day pick) and Pnina Tornai!

These gowns are a bit edgier than we’re used to picking, and borderline avant-garde, but with all of their perfect frills, intricate fabric, artsy patterns, and overall wow-factor, it’s hard not to take notice of these off the beaten path beauties. What makes these designers so “cool” is just how unique their pieces are. It feels like each dress really is a work of art and a true expression not only of the designer but also of the bride. They feel nothing like the boring and sometimes ugly frills of the mainstream dress; instead every fabric twist and turn on these gowns was placed strategically.. and all of those twists, turns, frills and decoration is what makes these the definition of a statement, but also very lovely wedding gowns!


Credits: St. Pucchi, Pnina Tornai, Pnina Tornai, St. Pucchi, Pnina Tornai

The Back

I am SO pleased to show off our results from scouring the wedding world for the most beautiful, intricate and unique wedding dress backs! Yes, I said it… the back! It’s all we care about today, and I am still dying over how incredible each of these is.

We tried to avoid the classic lace keyhole back (although it is still very much one of my favorites) and pick some more unique gowns… There is a mix of classic and modern, but by default, these seem to all be on the more modern side. I LOVE the first dress below by Claire Pettibone, it is such a creative and modern spin on the traditional lace; no patterns, just a simple floral design which is striking. The next pick is by Lela Rose, and is a bit more traditional in natural but what I love about it is that it’s almost like a tiny print of our first dress; it’s a strong but elegant pattern. Our third pick by Versace is beyond incredible; dripping in sparkles with a draping triangular back it is so unique and unnatural for a typical wedding dress. Moving on to the most traditional lace pattern (we had to throw one in here), the reason I like this one so much is because it’s different… it’s not the keyhole that we all expect a lace back to be; it covers the whole back but does so perfectly. And finally our last two picks…beads, beads, beads! We settled on two very different patterns but both are equally incredible! Enjoy…


Credits:  Mi Belle, Lela Rose, Versace via The Glitter Guide, 1 BPAngela Parmer, Temperley London via Colin Cowie Weddings

The Wedding Mini Dress

I’d like to say that the wedding mini is a big trend for the summer but the reality is that the mini wedding dress has been around for the past few years already and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! So ladies, this is not just a fad! The wedding mini can be used in so many different ways that it’s flexibility has helped make it so popular. A lot of brides these days are using the mini as a “reception dress”.. after dinner and the first dances, speeches, and just when everyone seems to be getting into the dancing (and drinking?) the mini white dress comes out and now the bride is just one of the guests!

For me though, I like to use the mini a bit more creatively because these dresses are SO fun and beautiful! Giving the dress only part of the reception doesn’t feel like enough…

For brides who are celebrating twice (think your fiances family lives on the other side of the country or world)… perhaps instead of two formal affairs, and to avoid wearing your dress more than once (I know this is the budget friendly option but realistic? I think not) You can always use the mini as your second wedding dress for the more casual of your two “weddings”. If you are lucky enough to not be in this scenario, one of the most fun options is to choose a little white mini dress for your bridal shower! Now many showers aren’t formal but neither are these dresses! There are always plenty of shower photo ops so I’m sure every bride wants to look her best… and what better way to do that than with the white mini!



Credits:  Romona KevezaAmsale, Pinterest, Marchesa, Marchesa, Badgley Mischka

Trend Alert: The Red Wedding Dress

Trending for the summer and fall in the bridal world? The red wedding dress! Now I use the words “trend alert” lightly with this one because little do most of us realize but the red wedding dress has been around for quite some time now, and it’s still very popular in certain cultures today (think Chinese and Indian brides). So before you think this trend is just a thing of the moment, remember that in ancient Roman times women chose red dresses to ward off evil spirits.. so yes the red dress is most definitely a trend for now, but ladies… it’s always been around!

I am obsessed with ALL of these red wedding dresses. They are all so special and unique they are unmatched! Starting with the color, red is so bold who cares what the rest of the dress looks like when you’re wearing such a fabulous color! But, as if the designers don’t realize how perfect red is, they still make their gowns exquisite in detail from fabric to fit. A special mention to the Vera Wang gowns from her Spring 2013 collection (see front and back looks for two of my favorites below). Vera Wang is such an iconic designer and for her to design such a bold collection using red proves that the red dress is definitely here to stay!



Credits:  PinterestElie Saab – Fall 2011 RTW Collection via NY Mag, Matt Mendelsohn, Wedding Dress Trends, Vera Wang – Red Layers Wedding Dresses Spring 2013 (Front & Back)Spring 2013 Romantic by Vera Wang