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Shades of Pink

For me, when I think bridesmaids, I think pink! Personally I have my pink preferences (blush over bright) but for most, any shade of pink as far as the bridesmaids dresses go seems to work. So for those of you brides-to-be struggling with the dress color, today I wanted to remind you why pink is so perfect!

Firstly, depending on the shade, it can go with any season. Winter? Yes please! Think I’m kidding.. nope not this time. I actually think that a very light blush pink (like in the first photo below) is perfect for a winter wedding. Please, we see enough of the eggplants and silvers that a little color for your winter wedding day isn’t going to kill anyone! Of course we know that pink works for the rest of the year; the magentas and corals are perfect for a spring or summer wedding and the light colors are better for the latter half of the year.  You probably don’t want coral at your New Year’s Eve wedding.. you’ll have your guests wanting to transport themselves to an island instead of your reception.

Back to the point, why I love pink.. Aside from being right for any season, it’s practically perfect to pair with other colors. Maybe it won’t match with any color that you choose, but it certainly works with a lot of them. Moving on, pink is typically a non-controversial pick. With multiple girls in your party, you don’t want them hating the dresses you’ve picked (I know it’s your wedding day but these are your friends remember!) Pink is easy on the eyes and most girls like some shade of it. So when picking between pink and oh say lime green, I assure you the majority of the maids are going with pink. And finally, the right pink and the right dress can be reused! Tell me you’ve been a bridesmaid and been able to reuse your dress? Probably not because no one seems to pick normal dresses these days, but girls, it’s time! Pick one that everyone loves and you’ll see your maids wearing it at the next wedding they go to!



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Trend Alert: The Long Wedding Train

The bridal train is one of those things that may go in and out with fashion trends (and whatever is the latest wedding fad), but it’s also possibly the single most timeless wedding accessory and it will of course be here to stay. Surviving all of the “in the moment” trends (no train, a short train, a short dress, the list goes on) it has proved that it is here to stay on the bridal front and that this is one accessory the traditional bride should not go without!

Okay, so you don’t have to go with a train as long as Princess Diana’s famous one (25 feet!) but the train really can complete your overall looking giving an air of elegance, class and beauty! The material here doesn’t really even matter, whether it’s lace, tulle, satin, you name it, as long as it matches with the overall look of your dress, it will work! Here are a few of our favorite picks ranging in style, fabric, and silhouette, but each one is ultra-trendy and not to be forgotten on your wedding day!


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The Winter Bridesmaid

I can’t believe it’s already Friday and we’re at the end of our Christmas week…although there will of course be much more to come in December!! But to finish things off with a bang, it’s time for some amazing (and artistic) bridesmaids dresses that will leave your guests stunned (but still thinking winter)!

There are so many fun color palettes that can be used perfectly for a winter wedding and since I couldn’t settle on one I am going with a range of purples into silver-greys today! Both scream winter (at least to me) because they are rich but still warm and dark (as opposed to the traditional summery brights!) But the main reason I picked these bridesmaids dresses are because they all have a little something making them special. There’s the more serene and traditional first two photos which have fun shapes (I love the design of the torso and up area). Then there’s the ultra traditional in style (third picture) but the color is so vibrant and different for a winter wedding that it’s hard not to gush over! And then the artsy picks… can you imagine how incredible your bridesmaids would look in any of the dresses in our fourth and fifth pictures?  Incredible!! And finally our last pick, the reason I love these dresses are because they define “the winter gown”. They are long and satin and the absolute perfect purple color for a winter wedding making these and each of our bridesmaids suggestions fun and fancy for winter maids!


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The Bolero, Jacket, & Capelet

As much as I love the ultimate winter bridal look (the fur shrug), it’s always fun to explore the other luxuries of the winter bridal fashion world… like what? Well every Christmas bride needs a trendy cover-up so I suggest looking beyond the shrug to the jacket, bolero or capelet!

If you haven’t come across any of these fun bridal cover-up alternatives but are looking for the perfect piece somewhere between capped sleeves and that classic shrug, then we have some fun looks for you!

First up… the jacket.  What I love about our jacket pick (first photo below) is how it literally looks like it’s part of the wedding dress (and it’s not!)  By Sophia Tolli, the sheer lace and long sleeves makes this little jacket light and airy but elegant for brides who want that touch of lace but not the whole dress.  Moving onto the bolero…  I am in love with these two (second and third photos below) by Maria Lucia Hohan and Benjamin Roberts!  Both have some type of sleeve wow factor and should be paired with a simple dress where they can shine!  Like our light jacket pick these are perfect to accessorize for the indoors and not just for your chilly outdoor winter photos! And finally, the elusive capelet. You may or may not have heard of it but I assure you, now you will love it! My favorite Christmas capelet choices (fourth and fifth photos below) are fashion forward but incredibly elegant both with completely unique lace patterns but the very typical “capelet” length (literally a short cape). My favorite thing about this type of winter cover-up is that it’s not what we’re used to seeing which makes it so special…and these two certainly do not disappoint!

So that’s it, the Christmas cover-ups that we love for the winter bride! There are so many amazing choices that are fun, trendy, and cozy for the chilly months so if you haven’t already, ditch the shrug and find yourself a jacket, bolero or capelet!


Credits: Sophia Tolli via At Bridal, Maria Lucia Hohan, Benjamin Roberts via Bye Bye Bride, Oh La La – Miss Cherie, The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

Off the Beaten Path: The Organza Wedding Dress

We’re celebrating the art of organza today and how you can make your wedding gown as decorative as you want with a simple fabric choice. Far from the traditional gown, organza stretches the limit between avant-garde and modern. It’s certainly popular in mainstream wedding culture now (modern), but the texture and overall look of organza could be argued on the side of “artwork” (avant-garde).

So how do you pick the perfect medium? You’re a modern bride and want something trendy but a tad traditional, overall expressive of your own style but still beautiful. The right organza is what you need! There are so many lovely gowns that mainstream designers are showcasing which use intricate organza patterns but stick to a very traditional silhouette. My favorite style (and coincidentally all of the designs below) sticks to a fitted bodice and ball gown skirt which lessens the overall “artsy” effect of the organza. Next is choosing the right organza for you. Some patterns (like the first gown below) use floral patterns which are a bit more avant-garde than other types of fabric (the second and third dresses remind me of a “traditional organza”). Then there is the satiny organza in one of my favorite dresses by Michelle Roth (second dress from the bottom) and this feels even more on the modern-traditional side (as opposed to a piece of art!)

So whether it’s your typical organza or something that strays from the norm, the organza wedding dress may not be the traditional pick but it certainly can be a fun, unique, and exquisite choice for your wedding dress!


Credits: Monique Lhuillier via Wedding Bee, Enzoani via Brides, Monique Lhuillier via My Dress House, Aria Dress, Michelle Roth via The Knot, Monique Lhuillier via The Knot