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Dress of the Week – Rosa Clara

This Wednesday’s dress of the week feels a little bit like a dream filled with cotton candy and tulle. There is something so soothing about this lovely gown by Rosa Clara – something elegant, sexy, romantic and whimsical all rolled into one. What’s not to like.. the high neckline, no sleeves, fabulous skirt and oh-I’m-dying over train… Happy {dreamy} Wednesday!


Credits: Rosa Clara

To the Beach… for the Dress

Though you may still be in 2012 mode, for a summer beach bride, it’s time to start thinking about 2013, and if you haven’t already, then you better start thinking about saying yes to the dress.. that is, the beach wedding dress!

Since we have a year to go, it seems like the perfect time for beach inspired wedding dress ideas for our beach brides-to-be! I tend to swoon over the same designers when it comes to this type of dress: flowing, ethereal, with lots of chiffon – the exact things that I think of for a beach wedding! These dresses are a mix of designers and styles, but the trend is very light, summery, and of course beachy! If you don’t love these styles I assure you that there are so many other gowns by this group of designers that you will not be disappointed. Drum roll please… today we love San Patrick (first photo), Elizabeth Fillmore (second photo), Saja Wedding (third and fifth photos), La Femme (fourth photo), Melissa Blackburn (sixth photo), Ivy & Aster (eighth photo)

Happy beach wedding planning!


Credits: Style Me Pretty, Elizabeth Fillmore, Saja Wedding, Wedding Chicks, Saja Wedding, Melissa Blackburn via A Bit of Bees Knees, Zsa Zsa Bellagio, Ivy & AsterPinterest via Break Down in the Beauty Pinterest

Off the Beaten Path: The Avant-Garde Wedding Gown

When I think about “avant-garde” I think unwearable, but today I wanted to highlight some fabulous avant-garde (and very wearable) wedding gowns. Avant-garde doesn’t always need to be so artsy that it’s no longer fashionable; it should define the right balance between art and fashion… at least when it comes to wedding gowns!

So today a few options from some of our favorite and new designers! These gowns are all artistic in their own way, from the floral organza patterns of the first two by Aire Barcelona and Amsale, to the bold tulle patten by Marchesa in the third picture. The always edgy St Pucchi delivers as usual with our forth dress; and finally the structured patterns and textures by Tara LaTour in the fifth gown proves that rigid structure but mixed fabrics can create any type of looking including avant-garde!


Credits: Amsale, Aire Barcelona, Marchesa via The Cinderella Project, St Pucchi, Wedding Chicks

Trend Alert: Mix and Match Bridesmaids Dresses

We love trend alert posts because these are always up and coming and fun wedding ideas or fashion trends! Since I seem to always find myself bored of the “typical” bridesmaids dresses (and because our trend alert on the bridesmaids skirt was so popular last week), we figured it’s time for another refreshing bridesmaids trend… this time it’s a mix and match approach to dressing your maids with many multi-colored dresses!

This is honestly one of my favorite ideas as far as how to make your wedding style unique. We’ve all seen the standard dress choices with the same color and style for all 20 of your bridesmaids, but really… this can be boring!! Pictures surprisingly seem to come out SO much better when your party is dressed in variations of different dresses, colors or styles altogether. If you aren’t comfortable with the mix and match bridesmaids dress approach, you can always tone it down by picking the same color but different style dresses. This way you have some variation but everyone looks like they are at least wearing something that fits into your bridal party! I personally think an all out mix and match makes the perfect impression but whatever you decide, mixing and matching will give depth to your bridesmaids dress choices and (imagine this), the maids may even like their dresses!


Credits: Ruffled Blog, The Wedding Post, PeopleStyle Me Pretty, Style Me PrettyStyle Me Pretty

Trend Alert: The Bridesmaids Skirt

Yes I said it… the bridesmaids skirt (not to be confused with the bridesmaids dress)! Please.. if you aren’t already sick of seeing the same bridesmaids dresses over and over again on instant replay, snap out of it! There are so many more fun, unique and bold options out there when it comes to dressing the maids, so do yourself (and them a favor) and pick some pretty dresses (I mean skirts)…

So what is the bridesmaids skirt exactly? Well, for the creative and crafty brides among us, they’ve already found new and exciting ways to spice up the normal wedding wardrobe and ditch the satin, chiffon and overall blandness that comes with most mainstream bridesmaids dresses. The answer is the skirt! Simply a pretty skirt paired with a top is all we’re talking about here. It’s stylish and affordable and will undoubtedly have your guests talking about what a fun twist on the tradition this is! Now since I know more than anyone that it’s always hard to break tradition, I’m hoping these fun finds will inspire even the most doubtful brides!


Credits: Project Wedding, Jarvie Digitial Photography via Belle the Magazine, Belle the MagazineRuffled Blog, Wedding Chicks