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Dress of the Week – Ivy & Aster

Well another Wednesday rolls around which means another one of my number of growing “favorite” dress picks! These days there are just too many to choose from… I know I say every week is one of my favorites, but really, it is!! So this week, we have a very special pick by the delightful Ivy & Aster. If you haven’t already checked out this fabulous designer then you’re behind the eight ball here…

So why do I love this week’s dress pick? Well, while I’m still not straying from my favorite lace fabric, this time we’re going “edgy lace”. This venice lace gown is a little more hipster than my normal Wednesday finds which is why I find it intriguing and beautiful! That plus the incredibly crafty capped sleeves and plunge back make this gown one of the most special that we’ve had! Cheers to the perfectly beautiful, edgy, hipster lace pick of the week!


Credits: Ivy & Aster

Off the Beaten Path: The Black Wedding Dress

It’s practically the weekend and with Halloween only a few weeks away I wanted to ring in the season with a dazzle of black. So really, why a black wedding dress? It’s the anti-tradition that’s for sure, but it really can be a bold (and beautiful) statement if done right… so today, it’s more of an examination of the black wedding dress, I’ll reserve judgement on this one…

So what actually makes a beautiful black wedding dress? Well obviously black is a little overwhelming so when it comes to fabric less is more. You’ll notice that none of my favorites below have long sleeves or much fabric on top… you can go so wrong in black if you look like you’re in costume, and long sleeves can do just that. As far as the dress fabric, satin is an elegant choice which works well with black but as an alternative, why not pick something more playful… look how fabulously tulle can work if it stays delicate and light instead of scary (photos below). But aside from the cut and fabric, the things that decide if the black wedding dress is a fashion hit or miss comes down to the bride. You need some soul to wear this color and your personality needs to shine in black… so if that’s you, then this look can work. But for the more traditional, maybe stick with white?



Credits: Simplesmente Blanco, Style Me PrettyAmour Amour via Jose VillaPolka Dot Bride, Pinterest, Amour AmourPlum Pretty Sugar, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge

Dress of the Week – Yaki Ravid

It’s that time for another lovely dress of the week and I’m so excited to have discovered the fabulous work of Israeli designer, Yaki Ravid. These gowns are flawless in design and beauty and as always I could barely pick just one to feature this week… that means I assure you there will be more to come!  But since I promise myself only one lovely gown a week, this one couldn’t escape the spotlight. The femininity of this dress left me wedding dress design-starstruck. It is drop dead spectacular! Though it may look better on some of us than others, if you can pull this one off, all the power to you! The graceful mermaid cut, delicate sweetheart neckline covered in lace and elegant back are not to be matched on the wedding dress front, making this gown an absolutely perfect dress choice for this week (and one of my new favorites)!


Credits: Yaki Ravid

Dress of the Week – Alvina Valenta

I try and try but I can’t seem to tear myself away from my favorite fabric when it comes to a wedding gown… for me, it’s always about the lace. Traditional, scalloped even “embellished”… I’ll take it. This week my pick is by the lovely Alvina Valenta for the Spring 2013 collection. This dress makes me think of a beautiful garden wedding in April, or instead maybe a beach ceremony with the waves gliding onto the sand behind the bride. But I can also imagine a beautiful bride of another era wearing this gown; there is something so sleek but romantic about it. Yet at the same time it could also work for a bride who stands for everything modern; clean lines, trumpet skirt, boat neckline. The point of my ramblings is that this dress is versatile and that is my favorite part of it. Whatever type of bride you are, it promises to be perfect for your big day…

Credits: Project Wedding via Alvina Valenta

Dress of the Week – Veluz Reyes

How is it already Wednesday? These days keep flying by which brings me to one of my favorites of the week! My dress pick! And today I’m very excited to showcase this gorgeous gown by Philippines based designer Veluz Reyes. I have a feeling that basically any intricately beaded back that you’ve seen may be by this very designer because these backs are seriously to die for. They simply cannot be matched. It was hard to pick just one dress this week (so check out her website for more lovelies)… or check out another one of my Veluz Reyes favorites on our post all about “The Back” (second photo from the bottom). So anyway back to my pick of the week…obviously the incredible beading blows me away and is my favorite part of the gown, but what made me choose this one was the texture of the back, it almost reminds me of a Venetian (aka masquerade ball) eye mask; it’s a mix of theatrics and elegance and I am totally obsessed. Hope you are too!


Credits: Veluz Reyes