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Destination San Francisco

Heading to San Fran today for a little flavor of the bay city complete with scenery (the golden gate, St Paul’s {gorgeous} cathedral and obviously a trolley car or two) and beautifully fun ideas that I personally adore for weddings. There is something special about a city wedding and San Francisco makes for a perfect backdrop. It’s got the right feel with its Victorian charm, old world style and that bay so I wanted to add a little of this and a little of that to dream up our own idea of a San Francisco wedding celebration today.


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Destination Santorini

Well, the end is near… actually here for two weeks of destination wedding bliss. But we’re ending on a high note, with the fabulously incredible Santorini, Greece. As if the last two weeks wasn’t enough, I kind of feel like today we’re outdoing it all with such an incredible destination wedding location. The palette is obvious.. lots of whites and blues to blend with the scenery, but here, the backdrop does the rest. Whether your dress is lacy or puffy, your theme is romantic or modern it can work. The key is the destination here… and Santorini is the perfect choice for our last day of destination weddings (for now…)


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Destination Bali

Back to Southeast Asia we go today.. because I can’t get enough of it these days. When you’re doing destination, at least do it in style. So why Bali? Well for one, I’m still thinking of it from “Eat, Pray, Love”, and if you can fall in love there (and your readers/viewers are still thinking of it after, what, 2 years now), that’s good enough for me.

The color palette for my Bali {dream} wedding is pale pink and a pretty succulent green – that leafy, beautiful green. I can’t really get over how “cool” the pink lotus flowers before bloom are for a wedding bouquet (first photo), or how wildly fun an outdoor reception into the night is (forth photo). But everything about this destination wedding is perfect from the ceremony to the dress, the scenery and those place cards (third photo) making it pretty obvious that this destination wedding location is one for the books…


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Destination Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

To Old San Juan we go… we’re into week 2 of our own list of top wedding destinations and back to the Americas today with the lovely, old world town of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here I’m thinking of a very classy, glamorous affair amidst the beaches and jungles of Puerto Rico. There is a perfect little town full of all the elegance and glam that you could imagine just waiting for your old car, pretty hairpiece, classy clutch and all that jazz to go along with your destination Old San Juan wedding style…

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!


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Destination Phuket


Should I end here?

Phuket should sum it up right? Well if it doesn’t (or if you’re wondering why I’m going googly-eyed over this far away land) then you need to get yourself invited to a wedding there (or start planning your own!) Phuket is an island off the southwest coast of Thailand, and a very beautiful one at that. Don’t believe me? Google “image” it! So what is this mysterious Phuket? Once again I find myself telling the story through a series of pictures of different weddings put together into what I envision to be the most perfect destination affair… one including a ceremony overlooking the water, mystical infinity pools, aqua-blue water, palm trees, and oh yea, ultra-modern accommodations…yes definitely! Today I’m just dreaming of a wedding in the magical Phuket…



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