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Christmas Countdown: The Beautiful Blush & Cranberry

On the 6th day of Christmas we’re back to the palette with something a little different because sadly I am sick of seeing my own red and green ideas every single day… So we’re taking a hiatus..back to red on Friday though!

Today we’re doing a spin on the reds and pinks with a lovely blush pink and cranberry Christmas (or winter) palette! I always like doing wedding posts that I would love to use at my own someday wedding and on the 6th day of Christmas this one makes the cut! I’d love to see the girls in long blush colored dresses, and my inspiration is coming from this gorgeous White by Vera Wang wedding gown (first photo) – a toned down version of this would be perfect. If you’d prefer short dresses, how about mix and matching styles (eighth photo) to put a fun spin on the norm. Also on the fashion front, a shoe these pale pink Christian Louboutin classic pumps (third photo). For fun, you can find awesome handmade bridesmaids gifts like this adorable purse in the perfect palette for today (seventh photo) and for our final fashion cute is this flower garter (thirteenth photo).

Moving onto floral, keep with the cranberry palette here for a wintry look (second, forth, ninth, twelve photos). This gives a vintagey-elegant feel but keeps it seasonal. For the food… a few touches can go a long way. Like what? Try a signature drink…love these cranberry margaritas (fifth photo). On the sweeter side and back to blush, these angel food cupcakes with pink icing (sixth and tenth photos) are to die for! And finally the paper… of course, invitations with tones of blush and cranberry (eleventh photo) to keep everything consistent and in our case….hopefully Christmasy too!



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Christmas Countdown: The Reds and the Greens

On the 8th day of Christmas, we’re full of the seasonal spirit and some of my favorite (Christmas wedding) things. Like what? Well keeping with only the true Christmas colors today – red and green, we are creating a visual wedding full of Christmas must-haves for any celebration. From the flowers (first and eighth photos), to the fashion (check out these fabulous rain boots for a warm and maybe rainy Christmas wedding – third photo), the food (sorry… I did it again – macarons… second and seventh photos) the paper (fifth and ninth photos), and the details…an adorable red and green ring bearer pillow (forth photo).

Here’s to the fun reds and the trendy greens for some of our favorite Christmas wedding ideas…


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Christmas Countdown: A Purple Christmas

We’re down to single digits on our Christmas countdown… and on the 9th day of Christmas we’re going purple. No white Christmas here, instead we’re bringing a little color to the holiday season. These days, we can’t get enough of purple at weddings. It seems like every time I turn around there’s another purple bridesmaids dress, purple palette, the whole works. But while purple is such a popular winter color, we don’t see it as much during the lead up to Christmas… but it can be a perfect holiday color. Bright, vibrant, and not red…

So because there is just too much purple to choose from we’ve got it all today.. from how to decorate a white Christmas tree purple for your reception, to paper ideas, dessert ideas (macarons obviously – my favorite), floral inspiration, fashion for the ladies and the groom, and I even threw in a peacock inspired boutonniere… because purple is that fabulous of a Christmas color that a peacock boutonniere is okay.



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Christmas Countdown: The Red & Black Palette

On the 11th day of Christmas…we decided to spice things up with a non-traditional spin on a Christmas wedding palette.. Red and black! Because who chooses red and black for Christmas? But why not! If you don’t want to be Christmas over the top, there are plenty of ways to make your guests feel a part of the holiday season without throwing them over the Christmas edge. And one way is by incorporating a bit of the typical Christmas color palette but putting your own spin on it. This doesn’t have to be red and black, it could be practically red or green paired with anything. The key is to have a hint of the holiday season but not an overboard holiday wedding.

So to spread some cheer today, our red and black wedding palette includes pretty touches like a bouquet with hints of red and black (try poppies – they make for a beautiful surprise bouquet)  – first photo, a red and black paper scheme including the menu cards, and invites – a few different choices below – second, third, fifth, eighth, ninth, and tenth photos, some fashionable touches… ruby red earrings – forth photo, flashy red heels – sixth and eleventh photos and last but not least… a red and black boutonniere for the groom – seventh photo!



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Christmas Countdown: An Icy Blue Christmas Wedding

My inspiration for our 13th day of Christmas comes straight from the delicate and wintry color light blue (or as I like to call it…icy blue!) Seeing very pale blue tones at a wedding makes me think snowflakes, icicles, and the month of January but that’s no reason why icy blue wouldn’t make an incredible before Christmas wedding palette.

So we’re thinking outside of the box today with icy blue everything… a wedding gown, a table setting, a bow tie, an engagement ring? (yes, please!), Christmas tree decorations (a Christmas wedding must have a Christmas tree), invitations, bridesmaids dresses, and, well… any other fun details you can think of to make it merry + icy blue for your pre-winter Christmas wedding!


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