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Budget Buster: Earrings Under…

….$125! That’s it! That means I’ve found you some of the best bridal accessories for your wedding! Although some things I happen across tip the budget scale, in general I like to stick with trendy and upscale quality but a budget friendly price tag! So like many brides-to-be, if you are trying to keep your wedding on a budget, then you can’t quite splurge on the diamonds you’ve been wanting since you were a little girl…

So as an alternative, these Adriana Orsini exclusively for Saks sparklers can bring the wedding glam that you are looking for at a relatively small price tag. There are many more to chose from at Saks (and on their website) but these are a few of my favorites. Earrings are such a great and unobtrusive way for a bride to accessorize but they can make such an impression if you pick the right size and shape. I love big earrings for the bride that will “pop” because after all, your guests won’t be within personal bubble radius for the whole wedding… so with these you can have it all.. a little sparkle, a lot of glam, and a tiny budget! Did I mention I love this collection??


Credits:  Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

The Birdcage Veil

The veil, in the traditional sense, began as a way to symbolize a brides purity and modesty… but as with most things wedding, the veil has morphed into just another part of the preparation; a fashion trend or accessory. So when I see a birdcage veil, the first thing I think of certainly isn’t purity… more like cutting edge fashion, vintage style, and a bit of Old Hollywood glam!

So what exactly is this “birdcage veil”? Well, put simply, it’s a small piece of net pulled just over the brides eyes. Most birdcage veils also double as a headpiece (a simple net over the bride’s face would be less than romantic); so whether it’s an oversized flower, feathers, or a jeweled brooch, there are many way to express your own style in your veil. The best part about the birdcage veil is how it looks on the bride! It is simple yet elegant, traditional but with a modern flare, and trendy in itself. So if you are of the more traditional school of style, but want to spice things up just a little bit… the bird cage is for you!


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For the Hat Lover

The wedding hat… I should stop my writing here and let the pictures do the talking…

But how can I resist a bit of commentary on a subject that I have been desperately wanting to write post after post about! Really though, I am dying over wedding hats! I talk a lot about wedding accessories and how important it is to find the little ways to accessorize the big day, but the hat is the ultimate in accessories! Not only is it clothing, but it is fashion AND art! Think back a year to some of the hats made famous after the royal wedding; they are fine pieces of art and I can think of no better way to express yourself at a wedding (as the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride or a guest) with the perfect hat.

So today, since I couldn’t post 100 hats, I wanted to emphasize more of the “mainstream” hat instead of the artsier pieces (that I am equally obsessed with). So for the more faint of heart, don’t worry there will be no Princess Eugenie or Beatrice creations today (but they will be coming soon!) Enjoy these elegant and more traditional selections for now…

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Something Blue

There’s an old English rhyme that goes something like this…

“Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard this before, but how about the last line? Somehow the sixpence in her shoe seems to have been dropped from our modern day versions but the “something blue” has remained a popular wedding tradition for today’s brides. So what does it mean anyway? The “something blue” was meant to symbolize love and good fortune, the object being a little something blue (of course) that the bride could have with her on her wedding day.

I’ve picked a few common (and some other not so common) “something blues” for all the lovely brides-to-be thinking of that special something they’ll have with them throughout the day…. Garters seem to always be the default “blue” accessory, so here are two fun options. For something a little more custom, how about adding sprinkles of blue into the brides bouquet, or wearing sapphire earrings instead of the typical pearls or diamonds? If you want something even more unique, you can use an accessory like the beautiful comb below to add that hint of blue. And for the statement blue piece? The shoes! My favorites are the bright blue satin Manolo Blahnik’s below!

And if you haven’t already noticed, today we have our own piece of the poem on One to Wed… something new (an updated image that is!) Hope you like it!!


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April Showers… Ideas for a Rainy Wedding Day

Well I don’t know about the weekend weather in the rest of the world but here on the east coast and in New York City things have been pretty dreary. So I couldn’t help but thinking about the best (and worst) months for a wedding. After Prince William and Kate’s very famous royal wedding last year on April 29th, I’ve been wondering why more people aren’t choosing April as their choice month. And then there was this weekend…. it rained, drizzled, and was just overall gross.

You know what they say… April showers bring May flowers.

But for those April brides-to-be and everyone else who hasn’t picked a date, don’t let a weekend of rain or a little poem fool you. April showers can actually be quite picturesque. Really, this is no April Fool’s day/week prank, I’m very serious! These pictures will leave you not only wishing your own wedding day is at least a little rainy, but you may find yourself planning an April wedding in the hopes of a spring shower yourself.. And you know what else they say aside from April showers bring May flowers?

It’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day…

Happy Showers!


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