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Bachelorette Party Etiquette: Pink Accessory Must-Haves

Well we’ve finally made it to Friday – what a week! And after this week I wanted something fun for the weekend… like, bachelorette party ideas! So this will be the first of my bachelorette “etiquette” aka “party” posts and today’s it’s all about the pink! From pink boas and gloves, to pretty in pink invites and obviously onto the desserts… cupcakes, cake and donuts… and finally, lots of pink decor..

Ladies, bachelorette parties are made for pink! Let the celebrations begin!


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Off the Beaten Path: Avant-Garde Wedding Shoes

With so many of your wedding details obvious to guests, it nice to have a few “private” picks that you can show or keep to yourself if you prefer. And this is where the wedding shoe comes in…

Wedding shoes are never standard. There is not one style, design, color or trend that is lasting. With so many different types of brides, shoes can come in many forms, but because they are perfectly hidden underneath that gorgeous dress, why not get creative…with the avant-garde shoe!

So today I picked some of my favorite avant-garde styles for you to drool over like I’ve been doing. A bit of feathers, some floral organza, some lace and some structure, and finally some jewels make up my Monday shoe picks… enjoy!



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Top 10 Wedding Chalkboard Ideas

Just when you think you’ve thought of all the DIY ways to craft the perfect wedding chalkboard, or scoured just about every chalkboard listing on Etsy, we decided to do the legwork for you! And so I present our top 10 best (and craftiest) uses of the wedding chalkboard! Now these are meant to be my favorite uses…so maybe they’re not yours, but I’m sure you find yourself wanting to incorporate at least one little chalkboard here or there on your wedding day…

Trying to stay somewhat in order here from wedding planning start to wonderful finish :)

1. Save the dates
2. “I Dos” – Wedding Vows
3. Wedding directional sign
4. Table number frames
5. Seating chart
6. Menu
7. “Mr” & “Mrs” bride and groom chair signs
8. A “piece of art” chalkboard
9. Photo booth props (adorable speech bubbles)
10. Wedding favor “thank you” tags


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The Vintage Wedding Shoe

This Monday, we’re going vintage with some lovely shoe choices that scream vintage style but don’t have to scream vintage for every guest at your wedding to see. If you’re more of a “closet vintage” and want to add a few touches to your day but don’t want to make major decor choices all about the vintage style, one alternative? The vintage wedding shoe…

The wedding shoe is a big thing these days but more than anything, you want to make sure your choice is just right for you. Whether it’s something bold or beautiful, classy, romantic, vintage or just plain old-fashioned, this is one piece of your wedding that doesn’t have to be shared with everyone; or anyone for that matter. So the beauty of the vintage wedding shoe is that it can be as old or funky as you want and since it’s one of those select few things that truly is just for you to see, it doesn’t matter your color palette or wedding theme because this shoe is all you, and today it’s all vintage… Happy Monday!


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The Sparkle Factor

All that glitters is not gold right? Or at least that’s how the saying goes. But when it comes to the sparkle + the shoe, it may not be gold but I assure you it’s as good as it looks! Sparkly wedding shoes may not be the “in” thing these days. Brides are loving bright colors… yellows, oranges, or a something blue shoe is all the rage but meanwhile, I can’t get past how awesome sparkly wedding shoes are when it comes to the big day. You don’t have to worry about color coordinating anything because the sparkly, glittery wonderfulness will go perfectly with the dress, the decor, and the vibe of the day because like I said, in this case, all that glitters is pretty close to bridal perfection.

Now that we’re passed color vs sparkly it’s onto style and make. For wedding shoes in general I love Christian Louboutin, honestly, if you want it, they make it when it comes to shoes. From loud to muted, bright to neutral they are truly a go-to. BUT with that said, may I introduce my obsession with Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu. These designers sparkle with some incredible options on the glitter front (see photos below) and can be perfect for the big day…

Happy shopping!


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