Bridal Shower Etiquette: The Table Setting

The bridal shower is back on One to Wed, and today we wanted to provide some dainty and ladylike ideas for the bridesmaids planning the shower… for the table setting! So where to begin here? Well bridal showers come in all shapes and sizes (outdoor, indoor, big or small) but one thing that seems to be somewhat universal is the table! Everyone has to eat something right? Well, maybe not actually, but for today, we’ll pretend all the ladies are sitting down for a bite to eat!

I love the idea of a very “girly” table setting, because when after all, will you be sitting with only ladies again! Vases with flowers (aka baby centerpieces), colorful or elegant table runners, and pewter inspire me. I’m of the belief that any combination of these pretty things will produce a magical result, so use bits and pieces of our inspiration and some creativity of your own and it will be the perfect shower for your bride-to-be!



Credits: Something TurquoiseAmy Atlas, Amy Atlas, Ruffled BlogStyle Me Pretty, Pretty Stuff, Pinterest, Pinterest

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