Dress of the Week – Aria

Happy Wednesday! As I mentioned last Wednesday, each week we’ll be featuring one very special wedding dress. There are just so many amazing dresses to choose from I couldn’t help but devote one whole day each week to the dress! So these dresses may stand out for their uniqueness, beauty, simplicity… the list goes on but we’ll be sure to pick a variety that will suit nearly everyone’s taste each week!

Since we featured a beautiful satin Carolina Herrera dress last Wednesday, today I wanted to highlight a dress with a more intricate texture. I love dresses with texture; different types of fabric seem to bring another level of depth to the dress, and this one does just that! My favorite part of this Aria dress is the beautiful flower shaped design created from the mesh fabric. This dress is so unique, elegant and perfect for a March wedding!


Credits: Aria

Tying the Knot

Before there was “until death do us part” at wedding ceremonies, there was “tying the knot”…

“Tying the knot”, “to tie the knot”, even just “the knot” (think wedding planning website) have become wildly overused phrases in the wedding world but I’m guessing you, like me, never stopped to think where it all came from.

It was said that in ancient Celtic and Pagan wedding rituals, the hands of the bride and groom were tied together. The custom became known as handfasting. And as you may have guessed, the term handfasting served as the origin for our expression “tying the knot” today.

So where am I going with this? Well aside from teaching you something you may not have known a minute ago, there are a number of fun and unique ways for old traditions to be incorporated into modern day weddings. I’m not talking about literally tying the bride and grooms hand together at the alter, but how about incorporating a little piece of a past tradition into your modern day wedding? There are some amazing ways to do just that (see below)… from a “knot” boutonniere, to a creative way of filling an empty reception room (check out the cool rope rug), or just use some rope to “accessorize” (adding to your table setting, your centerpiece or for your bridesmaids dresses?) Well maybe not the bridesmaids dresses but you get my point. Think a little out of the box, blend a bit of old and new, and you have no idea what you may come up with…


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I Dream of Cream

Call it what you will…Champagne, Ecru, Camel, Khaki, Sand, Tan, Taupe

Today I’m dreaming of cream! For the traditionalist, you are set on white. For the modernist, you are thinking pink. How about if you want to put a spin on the old, but you’re not ready to take the “color plunge” (think bright bold wedding fashion). Well, you guessed it, the answer is cream!

The beauty of cream?  (sigh)

Well to begin with, cream is perfect for any season (yes, all you naysayers that means winter too… think creamy winter furs). Next up, it’s so neutral that it can be used as an elegant monochromatic wedding theme (with a few flashes of color of course) or as an alternative it can be used as a statement piece (yes, statement piece) for your perfect wedding dress not because it’s boring but because its different. This makes it even more special!

So today I’m picking cream bridal gowns, cream bouquets, and of course cream dresses for the lovely maids.. I promise, cream will make your wedding complete. Enjoy!


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The Getaway Wedding Car

Finding the perfect wedding car seems to have become a difficult feat these days with wedding party entourages continuing to grow in number and rental car, bus, limo, trolley, (horse and carriage?) prices becoming more and more unbearable. So whether you are dreaming of a traditional Rolls Royce, a modern Bentley or a Hummer Limo, the options really are endless.

Today we’re sticking to the traditional; I’m thinking more vintage classic over ultra-modern. I love the look of the antiques, especially on your wedding day, and most especially for some good photo ops. So between these amazing finds, I think there is one for even the modern bride to love…


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Dreaming of a wedding in Paris…

Need inspiration for the perfect destination wedding? You’ve probably already gone through the list of options. Ever think about Paris?

After an inspiring trip to Paris myself, I can think of no better, more romantic city to have as your wedding destination. From the scenery and sites, to the incredible churches (think Notre Dame), the elegant architecture, and of course the fashion, Paris offers everything you could want for a destination wedding and more (except maybe a beach, the ocean and some palm trees).

So today I’m picking a few of my favorites for your destination wedding. I love the idea of a midnight blue based palette. The color exudes both chic and grace and seems to just scream “Paris”! I LOVE these blue dresses for the bridesmaids; they are stylish but not over the top; perfect to complement our bridal pick. Speaking of over the top, the wedding gown may be a bit much, but hey, it’s Paris! To accessorize the dress, I’m throwing in some glitter; if you look closely there is even a little sparkle in the dress already.

Moving on, I am dying to be at a reception at this incredible “palace”. The gold is royal and decadent and I’m imagining out the window I’ll be seeing all of these sites of Paris…

But of all things I love most about Paris, my favorite? The colorful macaroons of course!  Enjoy..



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