Off the Beaten Path: Avant-Garde Hats

I absolutely love wedding hats and desperately wish this was a trend that more people across the pond picked up on once upon a time! Steeped in tradition, the wedding hat is customary for some cultures around the world, so why not go all artsy today with the avant-garde hat!

Avant-garde is always one of my favorite off the beaten path ideas because for the gutsy bride this can work so well! While you may not be able to control what your guests are wearing, a hat is a wonderfully fun way to accessorize yours or your bridesmaids dresses! So while avant-garde may be extreme, these hats are meant to inspire our brides-to-be to think outside of the box on the accessory front, finding new ways to invent the traditional wedding hat!



Credits: Chic Wedding Hairstyles, Someday, Sometime, Somehow, PinterestWedding Dresses, Pinterest via JJJJoundThe Cinderella Project, Brides Magazine, Milanese Gal

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